Thanks Adobe. Really. CS4 was the bomb, and CS5 looks even more powerful. CS4 also had a bunch of stupid problems that Adobe seemed perpetually bent on ignoring for the past decade (I could rant for hours on this). While there are some really crazy amazing features on the way like a super-smart content re-shuffling tool for photoshop, there’s also a slew of useless processor-hogs on the way too like 3D-physics powered brush bristle simulation. Flash will get iPhone app publishing to answer Apple’s idiotic and rigid stance to not support flash within Safari, Premiere (and After Effects?) will be using more GPU power to make video previewing even more smooth — a valuable feature that Final Cut lacks entirely.

Anyway, if you aren’t signed up, don’t bother. To get an Adobe account, you pretty much have to sell your soul away. I’ve set up a disposable account for everyone to piggyback on.

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I just hope Adobe realizes that they’ve been digging their own grave by trying to lock people in. The way of the graphical future is technological convergence — despite the opinions expressed in a previous blog post. If their divergent bullshit keeps up, someone’s going to get angry enough to start another company that doesn’t stick its claws in you.

this isn't cool

this isn't cool

Not to mention that their software is getting increasingly bloated with things that have nothings to do with each applications’ functionalities.

this isn't cool either

The best next move would be to start fusing stuff together. Everyone keeps waiting for the day when After Effects, Premiere, and Audition really should be just one thing. Photoshop, and Fireworks, and Lightroom should be one thing. Illustrator, Acrobat, and InDesign should be one thing. Flash, Flex, Air, Director, and Papervision should be one thing. Essentially: a solution for screen images, a solution for video, a solution for print, and a solution for web applications. That’s just my opinion. We’ll see how well Adobe serves up or flops.