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Really you could do all this with any program that strikes your fancy. If you have twenty minutes to spare, watch this!

Used in this video: The GIMP, Alchemy, & MyPaint. I wonder if David would like Rhonda


Strongly contrasting my obsession with color the past few months, UK artist “mc bess” has a real talent for, well, practically everything. How often does the lead of a small band make a music video that’s MTV-worthy? A good way to kick off your week-end. Watch this, and if you have to check out his website, hit on all the links. Every facet is filled to the brim.

Matthieu is getting upwards of 10,300+ hits on this video a day right now due to it getting picked up on a number of popular surf-club websites and it’s likely on digg too. In the case that the embedded video is not HD by the time you reach the link, it’s because he ran out of off-vimeo-HD (which costs money). Just so you know, it is HD, and you should watch it on a nice screen with speakers.


tons of neato stuff here!


Blog with tons of images from old and rare books.  Every image links to a high quality version.



be sure to go through the archives!  The links section is a good resource as well.

I’ve been wanting to show this to multimedia people for ages. Gez Fry is an american trying to break in to japan’s manga culture as apposed to the other way around. one of the guys from pingmag takes you through a nice long interview full of detailed insight, and beautiful images. Maybe the next time you’re in the lab you’ll think twice about ignoring the pens for those $400 Intuos3’s.

Astronaut floating by Gez Fry for Count Down

Astronaut floating by Gez Fry for Count Down

I highly suggest you go read the full article.

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