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Time to acknowledge a great blog. This guy has great taste, and a great looking blog. I love the custom font for each header, the desaturated dirt-under-the-fingernails color of everything, the sidebar of all the awesome print work done over the years, and the posts about sweet Mercedes sports cars from the 70s.

from the photo set "Days With My Father"

from the photo set "Days With My Father"

So today, I came across photographer Philip Toledano who does great work, sure, but there’s really not much you can say about really good photography. It’s like looking at a bunch of mirrors; you only really see yourself.

What a fine image you make, Mr. White…

I ran in to someone’s portfolio today that rocked my face off, and saw in their notes that they worked for a company called 3Deluxe. Upon further inspection, I was happy to see that this studio did the Apartment website back in the mid 90s which I was really fond of when I was young. Really out there, and cool, and high tech — not too many sites worked completely in shockwave in those days. So it’s no surprise that they’re website is bleeding edge enough that you might have to eat some cookies to bring your blood sugar levels back up. Everything about this site is perfect.


and the work they do is just downright incredible. who can say they designed an underwater hotel? i mean.. come on.

Two articles were recently put online, and they have a lot in common, so I suggest you read them both.

First up, “Science for CG” was originally a series of posts made on the cgtalk forums, and were recompiled for ease of reading by someone over at The result is a roughhousing of a lighting and optics physics textbook and a tips n’ tricks tutorial with glossy pictures. The explanation of BDRF with cubes is very cool.

BDRF explained with cubes

Second, the shader artists who worked on the recently released Cloud With A Chance of Meatballs talk about how they’re expertise in the area of CG shading (like in the first article) combined with previous experience in photography made for a good match when it came to working in CG film.

Cloud With a Chance of Meatballs

Next post, I’ll be in Europe rubbing elbows with Blender geeks!

Really you could do all this with any program that strikes your fancy. If you have twenty minutes to spare, watch this!

Used in this video: The GIMP, Alchemy, & MyPaint. I wonder if David would like Rhonda

Strongly contrasting my obsession with color the past few months, UK artist “mc bess” has a real talent for, well, practically everything. How often does the lead of a small band make a music video that’s MTV-worthy? A good way to kick off your week-end. Watch this, and if you have to check out his website, hit on all the links. Every facet is filled to the brim.

Matthieu is getting upwards of 10,300+ hits on this video a day right now due to it getting picked up on a number of popular surf-club websites and it’s likely on digg too. In the case that the embedded video is not HD by the time you reach the link, it’s because he ran out of off-vimeo-HD (which costs money). Just so you know, it is HD, and you should watch it on a nice screen with speakers.


A durian, for starters, is an ugly bad smelling fruit that’s considered to be the most delicious once you get in to the middle of it. The Blender Foundation’s last three open movie projects were named after fruits too, but this time around the code-name is very fitting. What Durian hopes to achieve is not only an incredibly high quality visual, but also a means to finishing the 2.5x project which will have recoded Blender completely from scratch in less than a year’s time.

Applications to join the team are due in June 10th. The project starts on September 1st, and ends some time next March.

The bottom line: This time next year, Blender is going to be kicking some serious @%$.

Youtube’s video player recently got some upgrades and taking advantage of those features in a really cool way, Chad Matt & Rob put on a hell of a good show. Drew, I think you should concider this option and put your 330 project on Youtube!

Steve Mason is a pro of pros.




And he does so many different things, that you’ll just have to look and see. He’s evidently a pioneer of a many computer graphicy type things

This guy has been warping my mind since high school. Eight years later, a new demo reel has emerged from Gmunk and it totally kicked my ass a thousand times over; all the more reason to study the metaphorical foot that did the kicking. No other demo reel I’ve ever seen also doubled as a synchronized interactive CV/resume. Granted, his work isn’t as fast-paced and delightfully twitchy as it used to be, but that may also a sign of more talent to make his works last longer. At the very least, I appreciate that he is still using that tiny beep sound every time you mouseover on a link. It almost makes me wish all links had tiny beeps, like the tiny ticking noise you get from wheeling an iPod… </ramble>

gmunk's demo reel

That being said, whenever his original website comes back online from being going over its bandwidth limit, you should check him out frame by frame.

The original Crayon Physics Deluxe demo wowed the world wide web with its wonderful draw-to-play wizardry gameplay. More incredible was that the original game was made in only five days. Considering what the finalized version of the game can do, it’s rather a impressive piece of software engineering; especially in the one man operation category!

Pitri Purho “drew” from a lot of inspiring projects and internet phenomena. Seen in his explaination video above is MIT’s Whiteboard Physics sketching, Box2D (which there is a processing library for), Spore’s “Magic Crayon” talk, and a few other things I wasn’t as good to find links for.

Petri has done a lot of other fantastic games that are worth looking in to. A number are reviewed in this video interview, and of course you can just download them from his blog. His newest game, 4 Minutes and 33 Seconds of Uniqueness was released this February and happens to be loosely connected to Asheville!

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