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1. the_vuvuzela is a twitter stream that covers each game’s level of annoying horn buzzing. People on the internet are clever.

2. Found via iso50, this video shows how Adidas makes world cup footballs!


Adobe put on a real show this morning. Where last year’s press conference was a live stream of a guy in a real board room, Adobe this time around planned a glimmering presentation that seemed to be pre-edited and polished over many times. And as it should be. So the first thing that struck me silver was the high grade of streaming video quality that Adobe served up. While the presentation continued there were a few times that my internet connection started to waver. Instead of stopping the stream all together, the presentation dynamically detoured to a lower bandwidth while the high resolution version’s cache caught up. I’m not sure if that was a feature that flash video is going to be implementing as part of the suite, but it’s very possible. After all there were tons of big features added in this new version.

(i’m having a really busy day at work today, but I’m planning on writing a lot more on this tonight or tomorrow. normally i don’t publish drafts, but I didn’t want you thinking i was just slacking off. 😛 stay tuned!)

Obviously there’s too much to see, and to make a big rant post that’s all-inclusive would be redundant. Really, you should hop over to and just go see for yourself. It’s all good.

The hip thing these days to get your creativity flowing is mystery and chaos. Maybe you’ve played that game that floated around Facebook for a while where you pick out random quotes from a quotes site and turn it in to an album cover. Well, random is old hat (especially when you consider that most forms of “randomness” is nothing but a pre-calculated perlin function and thus not random at all)

True mystery means the system literally has no way of knowing what information it’s going to deal you. Wondering what I mean? Check out Mystery Seeker a.k.a. Mystery Google: a search bar that takes you to the results for the search term that the last person typed in. This has lead me to so many weird ideas in the past five minutes, you don’t even know.

Second, is chaos. Case in point: Alchemy, which has replaced all of my paper sketch pads and much of my photoshop doodling as well, and even an amount of time with one of those japanese painting programs I paid real money for… Alchemy is weird. You’ll only make trashy artwork in it, and that’s the point. The idea is you’re supposed to just hope you find something. It’s been described as “fishing with a net” and then picking out the ideas you liked the best. Ironically, when you’re doing graphic design work, that’s exactly what clients ask for. At least for me, I had a sort of “why weren’t we doing this before?” moment. #1 chaotic feature: the filter that downloads a ‘random’ flickr image and makes your lines snap to its edges while hiding the image from you completely.

There were other things I was thinking fit in to this category, but for the time being I’ve forgotten. To be continued…

And have a good semester, everybody.

The Media Arts Project website got a revamp this summer (and the party was awesome by the way). It’s a good site, much like a mix between,, and a few other things all in one. What impresses me endlessly is that The MAP site has support for things other than still images so you can put up your audio, video, and flash.

Want a summer trip filled with metal, art, daring climbs, flashlights, and fish? I know I do. I’ve heard nothing but awesome things about the City Museum in St. Louis. Three of my friends have gone and loved it. I hope to go soon. It seems like a good way to take a break from the computers for us multimedia folk. Here’s my favorite quote on the subject from the museum’s site:

“What happens when you mix two Saber 40 aircraft fuselages, a fire engine, a castle turret, a 25′ tall cupola and several 4′ wide wrought-iron slinkies, and the creativity of CITY MUSEUM Creative Director Bob Cassilly and his crew? The result is MonstroCity, the most monumental, monolithic, monstrous montage of monkey bars in the world.”

Part of MonstroCity

On some blog, I’ve also seen it called a “Disneyland killer” and an “art theme park … with secret passageways inside secret passageways.”

On Friday and Saturday nights, you can go from 11pm-1am when they turn out the lights and give everyone flashlights.

Here is a list of some of their eclectic attractions:

Enchanted Caves
World Aquarium
Art City
Museum of Mirth, Mystery, and Mayhem
Tiny Train Town Model Railroad
Renovated architectural relics
Vintage Opera Poster collection
Wurlitzer Pipe Organ
Ball Pit
Shoelace Factory
The World’s Largest Pencil

Apparently new this summer, they’ve opened up the roof. You can get in the bus that’s hanging off the edge, ride a vintage four-story ferris wheel, and get into what looks to be plenty of other cool stuff.

Have you seen City of Lost Children? Yeah, I’m imagining it as something like that only with happier children.

The photo tour on the City Museum website is nice. Here are some other pictures I found online. Anyone want to go with me? Road trip! It’s only 9-10 hours!

At nightTunnelMore at night

Part of MonstroCity from below

Somewhere inside

Some turtles and a happy guy

Circus people

Somewhere else inside

A slide tunnel

Girl in a hall of mirrors

Check out the next Bob Cassilly work here. Who doesn’t love cement?

Check out the City Museum on Facebook, too. Tons of fun pictures.

Okay, so Wray saved my life and as payment per request, I’m posting.  Because you boys are just talking to yourselves right now. There is video, but WordPress is a tool and won’t embed properly. Follow the links and there are videos. I would embed images, but I have to run to lecture. 😛

Every year in San Francisco, there’s the Independent Games Festival. I only recently heard about it, and I haven’t explored most of this stuff from this year, but last year there were a couple of really awesome things.

  • Crayon Physics Deluxe by Kloonigames, which got the grand prize. It reminds me a lot of Fantastic Contraption, but with crayon-styled drawings and a very snazzy tablet involved.
  • FEZ, by Polytron, which got the award for Excellence in Visual Art. This looks so banal, but when the 2D environment changes, it’s just awesome. Of course 3D environments are nothing new, but it still looks really cool to fuse them.

So there. That’s my post. I will try to keep it up.



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