The UNC Asheville Multimedia Arts/Sciences department students maintain this blog to share their ideas. You’re welcome to share your latest and greatest designs with the world so that all the other members can see. Keep in mind that a lot of the members of MMAC aren’t in any of the classes you’re in! This is the perfect opportunity to see what other people are working on and talking about in a pseudo-live fashion.

To post here, you first need to sign up for a account. ( At the prompt which asks if you want “just an account” or to “start a new blog.” Don’t worry. You can, if you want, just make an account and later change your mind if you decide to start a blog of your own in the future. Then, write a comment on this page. One of us administrators will see it, register you as a writer (if we know who you are) and you’ll get an e-mail to the effect of “Done! You can start writing!”