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Very Small Array: Necessary

Skimming through pages and pages of Dorothy Gambrell’s blog called Very Small Array is like a trip through an extremely funny and lengthy powerpoint where you’re not expected to learn anything. Ironically, you get the sense that you’re learning SO MUCH about people ability to turn a corner; and that’s perhaps why the graphs and charts never seem to stop. Gambrell was and still is a comic artist; she makes a living that way. Very Small Array was built to let her purge everything else in her life visually. While a course like MMAS 101 might teach you a lot about “the grid”, the graph is a wild beast untamed. Making a good graph mostly has to do with having to thinking about what sort of graph is going to best represent your data. That data could be anything aparently. After a quick browse through Visual Complexity, you can get bombarded with all sorts of messy lines, bars, wheels, colors, and so on.

Very Small Array : Minorities

Very Small Array : 2008A few quick links to my favourites. Missed connections from Craig’s List, #1 Hit Songs from 1950-1959, 1960-1969, 1970-1979, 1980-1989, 1990-1999, and the amazingly huge Year in Review pictured on the side.

Try doing what my friend Philihp did, and make a graph about something going on in your life, for no reason, with tons of pointless detail. I’m curious if anyone else has a graph fetish because I have lots more links just like this one.


Likely more interesting if you’re about to take Cloninger’s History of Graphic Design course, The History of Visual Communication website is good to run through chronologically while not really reading and just glancing at all the pictures.

The History of Visual Communication


Blog with tons of images from old and rare books.  Every image links to a high quality version.



be sure to go through the archives!  The links section is a good resource as well.

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