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As you’re going to class this week you may notice some new computers hanging out in 202 (the middle lab that Chemistry sometimes uses). The machines are our old G5 Power PCs, more specifically the ones from RBH 223, paired up with some spare monitors. We are trying an experiment with the software for these computers – we’re going mostly open source. They also have Deep Freeze so that means you’ll always have a clean machine to work on when you go in there. The lab is open for use whenever there isn’t a class in there so go and check it out. If you would like to recommend some good open source software let me know and I’ll get it on there. We can thank Professor Reiser for putting this lab together for us over the break. 

p.s. I’ll get a list of the software already installed on them up here shortly.


This semester, Sundays and Wednesdays are going to be the only days that the lab will be open. Lab monitors will be present on a sign-up basis, but only from students in the senior capstone course. It’s sort of lame to be put on the spot, but it’s also good for everyone in MMAS. Come out to the labs and work, and learn, and MMAC will be there.
This is a touchy topic, and there are a lot of changes being made. An anouncement will be made some time next week at an all student meeting.

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