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I’ll take Wray’s challenge to actually start posting stuff

Here’s something I’ve been pushing at people since I found out about it: Jexus/WC OLO GARB’s youtube channel. He’s a guy presumably from Poland that does a lot of great video editing/creep aesthetic and ‘underground cult’-feeling stuff for his synthesizer demonstrations. There’s a lot of attention to detail, or lack thereof, to give the video quality a mixture of digital and analog lo-fi grit. So for me it’s like two things that I flip out about, and he’s got the aesthetic that I totally search for in sound design/visual design. I’ll start it off with a few that I think that are his best:




And here’s a ‘music video’ that I guess he made using some strange source videos:

“Krew [Blood]”


For most graphics programs in the Adobe suite the operating system’s color picker goes unused. Flash, still holding on to a lot of its Macromedia-isms still has a button to pick colors in this old fashioned way. Normally, particularly on windows, this would be a bad thing. But oh, what’s this? That ugly color spectrum can be replaced with another image?!

color palette

this menu lets you import a 198x184 image as your color palette

Yep. That’s pretty cool, and I can already think of a few (im)practical uses! I’d be interested in seeing anyone else trying this. Attach a screenshot with Command+Shift+4


Highly recommended in FULLSCREEN mode (F11 on PC / Fn+F11 on Mac)


It’s been the subject of much discussion, some suggesting that it is misleading enough that it should be rethought entirely, but the color wheel remains the most common and convenient method for visually understanding and comparing the relationships of different hues.



be sure to go through the archives!  The links section is a good resource as well.


Cielab is a bunch of sizeable bubbles that you have to move around. It feels unfinished. The controls are weird to figure out, and it’s hard to make colors by only deriving colors from other swatches, and we aren’t sure how it decides what color to put down when you drag. Regardless, this exists, and it’s indeed very weird.


Hexday tracks what colors people are picking by day, week, and month. You can sign up and midlessly pick colors for no reason just because … I think this is the weirdest of all.


Kuler by Adobe I think is particularly weird just because it has a community attached to it. Gee, let’s make a color picker that needs the absolute newest version of Flash, and can potentially fail to load on occasion. Overkill if you ask me.

Photoshop Lab Sliders

Photoshop’s Lab sliders, if your previous foreground and background colors were set to something other than black and white, and if you use the current color gradient like I do, produces maybe one of the most delightful (albeit one of the strangest) color pickers around! Seen here, magenta to white before switching over gives you this bizarre visable spectrum archamedean spiral!

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