Adobe put on a real show this morning. Where last year’s press conference was a live stream of a guy in a real board room, Adobe this time around planned a glimmering presentation that seemed to be pre-edited and polished over many times. And as it should be. So the first thing that struck me silver was the high grade of streaming video quality that Adobe served up. While the presentation continued there were a few times that my internet connection started to waver. Instead of stopping the stream all together, the presentation dynamically detoured to a lower bandwidth while the high resolution version’s cache caught up. I’m not sure if that was a feature that flash video is going to be implementing as part of the suite, but it’s very possible. After all there were tons of big features added in this new version.

(i’m having a really busy day at work today, but I’m planning on writing a lot more on this tonight or tomorrow. normally i don’t publish drafts, but I didn’t want you thinking i was just slacking off. đŸ˜› stay tuned!)

Obviously there’s too much to see, and to make a big rant post that’s all-inclusive would be redundant. Really, you should hop over to and just go see for yourself. It’s all good.