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I mocked up this little data-destructor in Processing last night.  Hope you guys like it.

//image destroyer
//works for movie files too!
//load files into same directory as program.
//sometimes it doesn't work.

String img = “ronaldreagan”; //file name
String ext = “.jpg”; //file extension

for(int num = 1; num <= 10; num++) { //10 iterations
byte[] data=loadBytes(img+ext);
for(int i=0;i<100;i++) //100 changes
int loc=(int)random(128,data.length);
saveBytes(img+num+ext,data); //won’t overwrite


Advertisements just released its 1.0 release in late November and our spring 2009 semester is now going to have two different sections of Processing under the course csci273. Professor Reiser is only teaching the early 9:00am section, and Rebecca Bruce is teaching the new 10:50am section. The course is a great replacement for Java and the language is so light weight and fun to use that more experienced students are expected to take it; likely because of Ben Fry‘s exciting presentation last year. More exciting, the course will incorperate the Arduino (best guess), or similar hardware. Thinking ahead about creative electronics-involved projects might be a good idea! if you’ve got the itch already, take a look through the Digikey catalog as they offer a lot of different kinds of small keypads, knobs, light sensors, distance readers, magnetic sensors, fiber optics, buzzers, LEDs, tilt sensors & accelerometers, and so on and so forth.

Play all three of these at the same time…

interactive motion graphics

audio reactive graphics

iPhone compatability, one of many Processing libraries you can use.

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