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This morning I came across this video

That is very cool! Microsoft products were always particularly hackable, and I’m happy that the Kinect is no exception. However, a hacked Kinect, capturing video in this way would not be able to single out a person from his/her background. For that, I think we’ll still need to use a green screen and chroma keying for alpha. But regardless — this means a lot for anyone looking to do some bad-ass installations. And be quick to do it first before people are the wiser! 😉
This also answers the other half of this informational video, the “does it work?” whereas Clan Of The Grey Wolf here at least offers a very thorough “how does it work?” for those curious.

Excited yet? 😀 Good. But slow down a hair. There’s a ton of holes in the color because there’s only one infrared camera. The effect (and pitfalls) you’d have to creatively work around are the same as those that occur in camera mapping.

Or you could embrace the holey goodness! having a device that spits out realtime 3D point clouds alone might be exciting enough!

Yeah? A video where you use a kinect, and a laptop and a giant infrared lamp so you could scan whole buildings would be amazing.
Or maybe something like this could be used for more practical applications since the color stream could be face-tracked just like the Kinect does in real games and someone could put together a cheap version of Paul Debevec’s 3d video conferencing thing via reprojecting the camera view on to each viewer’s screen.


It would seem some of my favorite JS mammoths (p01, mr doob) have just finished a one-kilobyte contest called js1k.

The rules are insane.

  1. Create a fancy pancy Javascript demo
  2. Submissions may be up to 1k. (And not crash)
  3. Externals are strictly forbidden, unlike “some” contests. (Good luck minifying jQuery though!)
  4. Must work on current fx, sa, ch and o. (Let’s level the playing field)
  5. Minification and hacks allowed. (Go nuts)
  6. Bonus points if your submission fits in one tweet 😉
  7. Last day to submit is 10 September 2010

The results are stunning.

Crowdsourcing is defined on Wikipedia as

a neologistic compound of “crowd” and “outsourcing” for the act of outsourcing tasks, traditionally performed by an employee or contractor to a large group of people or community (a crowd), through an open call.

Recently, I’ve been addicted to things that implement the use of crowdsourced material. It seems to work for just about anything. Though, I have to say that with anything that is crowdsourced, structure and continuity is seemingly thrown out the window.

Crowdsourse project come in two flavors which I’ll call inclusive and exclusive. I think between Web 1.0 and 2.0, the sort of secretive nature of the Internet leaned more to the exclusive side. “We Feel Fine” is a perfect example of a site that powerfully discovers peoples’ secrets without their absolute consent.

We Feel Fine takes sentences from blogs that include the words 'i feel' and silently tracks the blogosphere's collective mood.

But alternatively, I personally feel the tides changing. Thanks to social networking, everyone now wants to be in the know and thereby wants to play more active rolls. The old proverb

Too many cooks, ruins the soup

is a concept that has grown old and tired. Embracing the chaos of letting everyone participate results in strange, but also wonderful results. Take for example my favorite card game, 1000 Blank White Cards.

1000 Blank White Cards

1000 Blank White Cards: a card game where everyone is allowed to change the rules

The same concept applies to this whimsical online game called Playpen. It’s based on wiki technology, which I think is brilliant.

PlanPen is an open wiki point and click adventure game

Also see the Best Of PlayPen blog.

The project that really put me over the top to create my own crowdsource magic was Star Wars: Uncut!

Seeing so much energy spawnedg my own project, Endless Lair which is currently slowly taking submissions from UNCA Multimedia rockstars, and you! It’ll be worth making another blog post about when it’s more developed.

Last but not least, Apples Versus Oranges was the more successful of my two recent crowdsourced projects with the bold aim to determine the best thing in the world!

Apples Versus Oranges

Apples Versus Oranges continually asks you to duel everything against everything

I feel allured to projects like these as a great way to beat consumerism. If you don’t like it, you just fix it yourself. A system that constantly evolves, branches, and conforms to the ebbs and ways of the people who use it. Now go play!

Ok – Im hooked.

My friend Stephanie told me about this site the other night called What this website actually does is connect you to a network of people that you can chat with via webcam, audio, or text. Essentially, youre meeting random strangers from anywhere in the globe.


this site is not for the weak minded

Yess, by the very nature of this website you can be sure to expect a lot of penis and other material that will be offensive to your eyeballs.  If youre one likely to be scarred from this – i wouldnt recommend visiting it.

However, if you can handle it, what this site enables you to do is amazing.  You are seeing and talking with random people all around the globe.  You can bet on getting a lot of middle fingers among other things.  But every once in awhile you will get a fairly normal person that will talk to you.  Here are some of my encounters:

me and this guy were excited to see each other

...but we never really understood eachother

these brits decided they would make fun of me till i cried, then asked to see my boobs

my new internet crush named ashley, however i was freaked out by our normal conversation and disconnected

i thought this mate was rolling a doobie - but he informed me it was a spliff

i told this fellow that he was a very ugly man - he then got his friend to moon me

One of more my more funnier experiences was with a duke fan.  Our time was spent flicking each other off and showing off our gear.  Also, sometimes you get random video – for instance, I even connected to someone who was showing avatar.. i watched it for a bit.

I ended up talking to this random french girl for a bit nicknamed “pow”.  It was really interesting to be able to talk to people around the world openly about anything.  I had to explain to her what poop meant, and she explained to me what it was like trying to find jobs on that side of the world.

It just blows my mind that we are even able to do this.  To connect to random strangers and talk to them all around the world.  What people do or say really fascinate me as I get a small glimpse of who they are and what they are like.

Want a summer trip filled with metal, art, daring climbs, flashlights, and fish? I know I do. I’ve heard nothing but awesome things about the City Museum in St. Louis. Three of my friends have gone and loved it. I hope to go soon. It seems like a good way to take a break from the computers for us multimedia folk. Here’s my favorite quote on the subject from the museum’s site:

“What happens when you mix two Saber 40 aircraft fuselages, a fire engine, a castle turret, a 25′ tall cupola and several 4′ wide wrought-iron slinkies, and the creativity of CITY MUSEUM Creative Director Bob Cassilly and his crew? The result is MonstroCity, the most monumental, monolithic, monstrous montage of monkey bars in the world.”

Part of MonstroCity

On some blog, I’ve also seen it called a “Disneyland killer” and an “art theme park … with secret passageways inside secret passageways.”

On Friday and Saturday nights, you can go from 11pm-1am when they turn out the lights and give everyone flashlights.

Here is a list of some of their eclectic attractions:

Enchanted Caves
World Aquarium
Art City
Museum of Mirth, Mystery, and Mayhem
Tiny Train Town Model Railroad
Renovated architectural relics
Vintage Opera Poster collection
Wurlitzer Pipe Organ
Ball Pit
Shoelace Factory
The World’s Largest Pencil

Apparently new this summer, they’ve opened up the roof. You can get in the bus that’s hanging off the edge, ride a vintage four-story ferris wheel, and get into what looks to be plenty of other cool stuff.

Have you seen City of Lost Children? Yeah, I’m imagining it as something like that only with happier children.

The photo tour on the City Museum website is nice. Here are some other pictures I found online. Anyone want to go with me? Road trip! It’s only 9-10 hours!

At nightTunnelMore at night

Part of MonstroCity from below

Somewhere inside

Some turtles and a happy guy

Circus people

Somewhere else inside

A slide tunnel

Girl in a hall of mirrors

Check out the next Bob Cassilly work here. Who doesn’t love cement?

Check out the City Museum on Facebook, too. Tons of fun pictures.

Youtube’s video player recently got some upgrades and taking advantage of those features in a really cool way, Chad Matt & Rob put on a hell of a good show. Drew, I think you should concider this option and put your 330 project on Youtube!

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