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I’ll take Wray’s challenge to actually start posting stuff

Here’s something I’ve been pushing at people since I found out about it: Jexus/WC OLO GARB’s youtube channel. He’s a guy presumably from Poland that does a lot of great video editing/creep aesthetic and ‘underground cult’-feeling stuff for his synthesizer demonstrations. There’s a lot of attention to detail, or lack thereof, to give the video quality a mixture of digital and analog lo-fi grit. So for me it’s like two things that I flip out about, and he’s got the aesthetic that I totally search for in sound design/visual design. I’ll start it off with a few that I think that are his best:




And here’s a ‘music video’ that I guess he made using some strange source videos:

“Krew [Blood]”


I’m taking a trip to europe starting next week. one of the places i might go is Taunton Somerset where i have relatives. I found this delightful short film that shows off its landscape and what looks like the place where they make apple cider, or maybe beer. It’s hard to say.

The Harvest