As soon as I got to this point, I knew I would have to start thinking backwards. How on earth did I get here? I was laughing, and wondering how much time had passed. This man, Johan Nordberg, successes at something most internet artists miss.

From the decade of Web 1.0 yore that was the mid-90s, I’ll never forget this guy that was on the Ozone Asylum forum which, by the way, was THE hub for all the world-wide Photoshop and Javascript Gurus of the day. I’m not sure how I found out about that either, but I was there by a brute force series of clicks. Anyway, the guy’s name was “Nimraw” and he had the most bad ass signature that said

If you can’t impress, confuse.

That, coming from someone so skilled always ended with mind-blowing results. Johan Nordberg has the same effect. The guy is obviously a genius. Check out this application he made that reveals all the multitouch senses from a Macbook trackpad And then when you follow that link to his website… you get this. A banana.