Sam Witherspoon is not average by any means. Perhaps it’s his upbringing. My father listened to a lot of strange musicians in his day too, and I think we revere that common ground. All this backlog is no reason for me to make attempts at over-hyping something. I’m not like that. No. This article is about Sam Witherspoon because he impressed me. He impressed me because he tried…

He’s going to kill me if I make any more bad punny write-up. To be very to-the-point: This site is about one thing and one thing only. Taking this design 101 mentality:

No symbols. Symbols are too strong. – Chris McKee

and rudely shoving it up your ass. In his “About me” section, Sam writes

∆ ≠ ‡ † 卐 ∑ ╬ ∆

And then, the art itself is just stunning. There’s everything from oddly 80’s 3D graphics be they like poster graphics or something that looks like it came straight out of Powerpoint ala Microsoft Powerpoint ’95

And what’s more, it’s a style that has persisted consistently from Sam. In many of his previous projects, the aim was to use a music group as the vehicle, but in the form of a blog it’s clear to see that the aim is to stick a tack under your visual-context.

It’s also cool to see that he’s a big fan of Zach’s data-destryoing processing script.