Let Me Google That For You
This site is great. It’s for when people ask you dumb questions. Oh, you don’t know what the web address is? Well, let me google that for you…

Recently purchased by Google this week, Aardvark is a search engine that uses other people to answer your question.

  • Wray Bowling: How long does it usually take before someone answers a question?
  • (From Karen U./33/F/Lowell,MA, Re: **meta**) It depends on the question. If aardvark can find someone who can answer it, it could be right away, if it has a harder time, it could be hours.
  • Wray Bowling: Karen: what’s the average?
  • (From Karen) In this paper: http://vark.com/aardvarkFinalWWW2010.pdf they say the median answering time was 6 minutes and 37 seconds
  • Wray Bowling: Karen: we searched the same info on google and it took… 3 seconds lol but thank you
  • (From Karen) If you read the paper on aardvark you’ll see that they say google is faster for factual questions. Aardvark is designed for subjective questions that can be harder to find an answer to using traditional search.

So when I asked

  • Wray Bowling: Is it good to try and date someone with a completely different perspective on things, or is it better to find someone like-minded?

I got a lot of real heady answers. Try it!