Ok – Im hooked.

My friend Stephanie told me about this site the other night called chatroulette.com. What this website actually does is connect you to a network of people that you can chat with via webcam, audio, or text. Essentially, youre meeting random strangers from anywhere in the globe.


this site is not for the weak minded

Yess, by the very nature of this website you can be sure to expect a lot of penis and other material that will be offensive to your eyeballs.  If youre one likely to be scarred from this – i wouldnt recommend visiting it.

However, if you can handle it, what this site enables you to do is amazing.  You are seeing and talking with random people all around the globe.  You can bet on getting a lot of middle fingers among other things.  But every once in awhile you will get a fairly normal person that will talk to you.  Here are some of my encounters:

me and this guy were excited to see each other

...but we never really understood eachother

these brits decided they would make fun of me till i cried, then asked to see my boobs

my new internet crush named ashley, however i was freaked out by our normal conversation and disconnected

i thought this mate was rolling a doobie - but he informed me it was a spliff

i told this fellow that he was a very ugly man - he then got his friend to moon me

One of more my more funnier experiences was with a duke fan.  Our time was spent flicking each other off and showing off our gear.  Also, sometimes you get random video – for instance, I even connected to someone who was showing avatar.. i watched it for a bit.

I ended up talking to this random french girl for a bit nicknamed “pow”.  It was really interesting to be able to talk to people around the world openly about anything.  I had to explain to her what poop meant, and she explained to me what it was like trying to find jobs on that side of the world.

It just blows my mind that we are even able to do this.  To connect to random strangers and talk to them all around the world.  What people do or say really fascinate me as I get a small glimpse of who they are and what they are like.