I could start this post by pointing out that there’s a new Kanye West music video that uses this technique, but I won’t because it’s been in america’s mothers’ basements for years. In fact, me and my friend Adam through of it nearly five years ago. What made the phenomena popular was Evident Utensil which was up for best music video for MTV’s Music Video Awards back in August.

Since the song is protected by copyright, here it is backwards.

In October I saw a fellow who had data moshed a lot of old movies together with great success and was doing it as a video installation. This is two months later, and it’s being used by a celebrity, so it’s rapidly going to becoming a played out effect just like auto-tuning. Surely back in 2004 it only entertained me and my friends for a short while before we ran out of ideas. Oh how short-sighted we were…

So far it’s proved itself as being just another tool in everyone’s box. In any case, if you’re interested, just watch this tutorial and then you’ll be a data moshing rock star.