machinarium plaza 1920x1200

Machinarium :: $20 / Point & Click / PC, Mac, Linux

IGF logoThere were 306 entries at IGF 09, and a good lot of them were unique. Independent games are on the rise, and I’m glad they are because a lot of them are 1. affordable, 2. very fun, 3. good looking. Independently produced games range from senseless to experimental to better-than-a-commercial-title-quality. Each one has it’s own quirks, usually with confusing/unconventional installations, or piggyback on some sort of existing technology to make a game engine. Machinarium (above), for example is a Flash Projector with a lot of SWFs in various folders. Similarly, Closure (down there somewhere) takes advantage of the fact that Actionscript 3 has better capabilities for image processing. My love for Indy Gaming is long-standing, so I’m a bit biased. Anywho, here are my picks from the crop!


Don't Shit Your Pants

Don't Shit Your Pants :: Free / Text-based / Flash



IGF 3 Closure

Closure :: Free / 2D Platformer / Flash

Enviro-Bear 2000: Operation: Hibernation :: $? / ??????? / ?


Super Meat Boy :: $? / 2D Platformer / WiiWare

Osmos :: $10 / Casual Survival / PC, Mac, Linux

Cortex Command :: $18 / 2D Platform War Strategy / PC, Mac (yeah, I’m wondering if my computer could handle this game!)

So the next time you’re at a LAN party (and there should be a time you give that a chance if you haven’t), be like me and annoy everyone with your new-found love for indy games. And even if that never happens, I put these up because it’s a small glimmer of hope for anyone who wants to start making something in their basement. Remember: Indy = no funding. Now go play the Machinarium demo! It’s so genius in it’s hot-spot-clicking simplicity… and that’s why I christen it the TRUE WINNER of the indy games festival (though it did not win. some other game called “Blueberry Garden” won, and it looked just pointless and boring)

Machinarium cover_1920x1200

Best. Game. Ever.