Thats all I can really say.  Go away school.  I was having fun golfing and going to the beach before you got here.  Now you’re here and I find myself waking up before 11 and now Im thinking about bed at 9:19.


summer summary

Ok, I guess Im ready for school to be back.  Dont get me wrong, my summer was fun-filled with sailing and making fun of yancey – but i feel like i should be doing more tooo you know, advance myself.  Because you see making fun of yancey is fun and  simple – but its not exactly landing me a job.

It’s my senior year (time to get down).  And Im going to get down.  I have started thinking about my undergrad research and ive concluded (after reconsidering furniture design for a brief moment) that I am going to do a documentary on Asheville.  Everyone reading this (you you you) should go to our site and tell us how much we suck.  Me and a hairy man named adam (history grad) are teaming up for this one with high hopes.  I will call upon all of you to help me… (especially you).

Ifff you havent noticed we also have a feature article on  Your name (or face) might be there somewhere… – and if you haven’t heared yet unca is redesigning their website.  They are having some sneak peak listening sessions this week around lunchtime with a new look at some of the new advances they have made on the site – i plan on taking a date (me and kristen are complicated right now).  Soo you should come with me.

Im sure we will have a MAC meeting shortly and give an update on things.  One thing I plan on trying to do this spring is have a multi-club water fight on the quad.  I kind of see it going down like this:

Also, those processing peoples out there should check out this competition.  Your sketch has to have only 200 characters and it has to be cool.  I havent touched processing since curts internet art class but i may dabble and see what I come up with for this.

Well fellow countrymen and women Im off to bed.  No drinky tonight – i have school in the morning.  I hoope you all had a good summer and are ready to see my face on a consistent basis.  Good Day.

i said GOOD DAY!