Actionscript 3 is nearly three years old now, and though CS4 hasn’t done much to help the fact that code and art are still very strictly separated, it hasn’t seemed to stop crafty multimedia artists from taking the language by the horns. Papervision has blossomed in to a respectable 3D engine and every day more sites are using it meaning that plenty of artists are willing to take the dive in to hard core programming to keep up. In other words, so should you, and the department too. Actionscript 3 isn’t going to wait around for anyone, and before you know it, it will be 4.0

Papervision 1

Papervision 2

Papervision 3

Compared to your Playstation, these graphics might seem familiar, or not even that impressive, but considering that 3D in flash is nothing but a huge open source hack, and that documentation is terribly verbose and online tutorials a few and far between, it’s pretty amazing that it’s come this far in the past few years. As with any cheap technological upgrade, corporate websites have already jumped on to the bleeding Flash edge, meaning that design firms are too, meaning that coming out college … you get the idea.

Papervision 4

Oh, and I’ll have to think up something snazzy for the 4th.