As a brief preface, Paul Debevec is my hero, and if I make it to Siggraph this year I want to fulfill a long awaited dream to shake his hand. Alas, this isn’t a computer graphics research blog, nor is it a Paul Debevec fan club. Today though, it is. I think he’s really outdone himself this time. Not only is this just an intriguing leap towards science fiction video holograms (this uses no hologram), but Debevec is moving more towards projects that help regular people, are slightly lower tech (compared to the light stage) for home/business installation ease. Even though the projector was hacked to run at 5,000 frames per second (that’s not a typo), the process of overclocking projectors he’s said is pretty simple as long as you don’t mind doing away with color, and the remarks in the FAQ suggest that DLP projectors could restore color.

I could go on… just watch the video, and after you’re finished pooping your pants write something in the comments.