Want a summer trip filled with metal, art, daring climbs, flashlights, and fish? I know I do. I’ve heard nothing but awesome things about the City Museum in St. Louis. Three of my friends have gone and loved it. I hope to go soon. It seems like a good way to take a break from the computers for us multimedia folk. Here’s my favorite quote on the subject from the museum’s site:

“What happens when you mix two Saber 40 aircraft fuselages, a fire engine, a castle turret, a 25′ tall cupola and several 4′ wide wrought-iron slinkies, and the creativity of CITY MUSEUM Creative Director Bob Cassilly and his crew? The result is MonstroCity, the most monumental, monolithic, monstrous montage of monkey bars in the world.”

Part of MonstroCity

On some blog, I’ve also seen it called a “Disneyland killer” and an “art theme park … with secret passageways inside secret passageways.”

On Friday and Saturday nights, you can go from 11pm-1am when they turn out the lights and give everyone flashlights.

Here is a list of some of their eclectic attractions:

Enchanted Caves
World Aquarium
Art City
Museum of Mirth, Mystery, and Mayhem
Tiny Train Town Model Railroad
Renovated architectural relics
Vintage Opera Poster collection
Wurlitzer Pipe Organ
Ball Pit
Shoelace Factory
The World’s Largest Pencil

Apparently new this summer, they’ve opened up the roof. You can get in the bus that’s hanging off the edge, ride a vintage four-story ferris wheel, and get into what looks to be plenty of other cool stuff.

Have you seen City of Lost Children? Yeah, I’m imagining it as something like that only with happier children.

The photo tour on the City Museum website is nice. Here are some other pictures I found online. Anyone want to go with me? Road trip! It’s only 9-10 hours!

At nightTunnelMore at night

Part of MonstroCity from below

Somewhere inside

Some turtles and a happy guy

Circus people

Somewhere else inside

A slide tunnel

Girl in a hall of mirrors

Check out the next Bob Cassilly work here. Who doesn’t love cement?

Check out the City Museum on Facebook, too. Tons of fun pictures.