I’m not sure what’s stranger, trying to control a TB-303 through a web interface, or the fact that trying to work the buttons on a real TB-303 is really cryptic in the first place and that people still seem to think that reincarnating one on the screen is a good idea. Feed your contemplation further with this link. Nevertheless, Audiotool is a lot like being able to play with the real thing so that you too can make music that sounds like it came straight from 1997. I’m not too impressed with the recent addition of the monome clone  since it has nothing more than an audio out. Ah well… at least they’re trying. The fact that this is running in Flash is amazing.


But to quote the inventor of the TB-303, in a bit of a twist of irony (taken from the link above):

It is important that the manufacturing side concentrate on providing “useful” devices to meet creative wishes. It is not the proper role of a manufacturer to demand that the artist perform totally new playing methods. That would merely be an attempt to exploit novelty devices that had been dreamed up by arrogant designers.

Using the Audiotool, under this train of thought, is really clumsy, and not very practical. If you’re looking for some eye candy though, Audiotool delivers. Operating the TB-303 is hillariously difficult. Nathan’s video also sort of includes a tutorial around the 6:00 minute mark.