Very Small Array: Necessary

Skimming through pages and pages of Dorothy Gambrell’s blog called Very Small Array is like a trip through an extremely funny and lengthy powerpoint where you’re not expected to learn anything. Ironically, you get the sense that you’re learning SO MUCH about people ability to turn a corner; and that’s perhaps why the graphs and charts never seem to stop. Gambrell was and still is a comic artist; she makes a living that way. Very Small Array was built to let her purge everything else in her life visually. While a course like MMAS 101 might teach you a lot about “the grid”, the graph is a wild beast untamed. Making a good graph mostly has to do with having to thinking about what sort of graph is going to best represent your data. That data could be anything aparently. After a quick browse through Visual Complexity, you can get bombarded with all sorts of messy lines, bars, wheels, colors, and so on.

Very Small Array : Minorities

Very Small Array : 2008A few quick links to my favourites. Missed connections from Craig’s List, #1 Hit Songs from 1950-1959, 1960-1969, 1970-1979, 1980-1989, 1990-1999, and the amazingly huge Year in Review pictured on the side.

Try doing what my friend Philihp did, and make a graph about something going on in your life, for no reason, with tons of pointless detail. I’m curious if anyone else has a graph fetish because I have lots more links just like this one.