Okay, so Wray saved my life and as payment per request, I’m posting.  Because you boys are just talking to yourselves right now. There is video, but WordPress is a tool and won’t embed properly. Follow the links and there are videos. I would embed images, but I have to run to lecture. 😛

Every year in San Francisco, there’s the Independent Games Festival. I only recently heard about it, and I haven’t explored most of this stuff from this year, but last year there were a couple of really awesome things.

  • Crayon Physics Deluxe by Kloonigames, which got the grand prize. It reminds me a lot of Fantastic Contraption, but with crayon-styled drawings and a very snazzy tablet involved.
  • FEZ, by Polytron, which got the award for Excellence in Visual Art. This looks so banal, but when the 2D environment changes, it’s just awesome. Of course 3D environments are nothing new, but it still looks really cool to fuse them.

So there. That’s my post. I will try to keep it up.