unca.edu 2.0

Tonight, from 7:00pm  to 8:00pm in Highsmith 221 the design firm that’s revamping the campus website is taking suggestions from students. Questions they are asking us to think about include:

  • What’s good about the current site?
  • What are some improvements you’d like to see?
  • Who are the audiences we want to reach?
  • What kind of information about UNC Asheville is most important?
  • What technologies or Web 2.0 applications might we include?

There are other talks scheduled all day for Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Community, and even an “everyone” session from 4-5 in the Whitman Room in the library

The current front page doesn’t fill in any other pages yet, or finalize the design, but initial reactions to the progress so far have been chiefly positive.  There’s even a blog covering the progress of the redesign.

Capstrat is the name of the firm. Their index.html might make you dizzy, so I suggest hitting their website reel if you’re interested in their previous design choices. Many of their clients are companies that are based in the Research Tirangle Park. I think if we try to get anything across to them it should be that UNC Asheville is very different from the business-suit hotspot of the south east.