wish-you-were-here-mapOn display this week outside Zeis is Jordan Skowronski’s senior capstone project entitled “Wish You Were Here.” Jordan gave this project, like most of his work, a real tongue and cheek approach that captures the awkward excitement of visiting a place, being a tourist, and taking a souvenir with you to remember the moment. There hasn’t been word yet on whether tomorrow’s presentation will include “get your photo taken with the exhibit,” but it was part of the original plan. Below are a few photos. Since the exhibit is meant to be a lot like a “tourist attraction”, link any photos you happen to take of it here, show people that you’ve been there, and put it in your CV under the “Travel” category.

Jordan Skowronski

Wish You Were Here 1

Wish You Were here 2

Wish You Were Here - Aja

“Wish You Were Here” even got a publication on the Media Arts Project blog. That’s impressive.