Typically, five dollar games are pretty terrible. That’s about how much you pay at Goodwill for crap no one else wanted. Noby Noby Boy is a Playstation 3 title, and it’s just as strange as thrift store gold, and so much more. Look at this video, I mean, really…

As you might have guessed, it’s made by the Katamari Damacy guy. Though confusing, it’s nice to experience something truely unique once in a while. Consider this: one of the game’s features is if you accidentally tear yourself in half, you can eat your own butt to reattach it to the rest of your body when it tries to come out the other end; and then the trumpets play “ta-da!”

You can also eat the manual…

If you instead decide to read the manual, there’s lots of other things you can do. Mainly, your goal is to stretch yourself in to a long snake thing over and over and occasionally “report” to the sun that you did a good job. The sun tells your female counterpart she should grow too, except she’s wrapping herself around planets. That’s fairly hard to grasp in the first five minutes, but as you play it you find out that everyone playing – not just you – the whole internet-connected reporting noodle worm sock puppet collective – is adding up their stretch counts in to actual distance between all the planets in the solar system (and beyond?) So, really, everyone is sharing the same save file globally.

But really, you don’t have much to do in the game. You just stretch, jump, fly, eat, and poop.