This guy has been warping my mind since high school. Eight years later, a new demo reel has emerged from Gmunk and it totally kicked my ass a thousand times over; all the more reason to study the metaphorical foot that did the kicking. No other demo reel I’ve ever seen also doubled as a synchronized interactive CV/resume. Granted, his work isn’t as fast-paced and delightfully twitchy as it used to be, but that may also a sign of more talent to make his works last longer. At the very least, I appreciate that he is still using that tiny beep sound every time you mouseover on a link. It almost makes me wish all links had tiny beeps, like the tiny ticking noise you get from wheeling an iPod… </ramble>

gmunk's demo reel

That being said, whenever his original website comes back online from being going over its bandwidth limit, you should check him out frame by frame.