The original Crayon Physics Deluxe demo wowed the world wide web with its wonderful draw-to-play wizardry gameplay. More incredible was that the original game was made in only five days. Considering what the finalized version of the game can do, it’s rather a impressive piece of software engineering; especially in the one man operation category!

Pitri Purho “drew” from a lot of inspiring projects and internet phenomena. Seen in his explaination video above is MIT’s Whiteboard Physics sketching, Box2D (which there is a processing library for), Spore’s “Magic Crayon” talk, and a few other things I wasn’t as good to find links for.

Petri has done a lot of other fantastic games that are worth looking in to. A number are reviewed in this video interview, and of course you can just download them from his blog. His newest game, 4 Minutes and 33 Seconds of Uniqueness was released this February and happens to be loosely connected to Asheville!