Let’s start with the basics. Nearly every non-Windows operating system on the planet uses UNIX. One of the things UNIX does is keep track of the computer’s clock. The clock inside of every unix-based machine (including all of our Apple computers) is measuring the time you see in “Seconds since January 1st 1970.” The particular  point of epoch, a silly-looking 1,234,567,890 seconds since the year 1970 began, is today at precisely 3:31pm PST, 4:31MST, 5:31 CST, 6:31 EST (us being the latter.) In celebration, I’ll be in the lab tutoring some people Processing. If you want to show up and show you can count to ten, then do so; otherwise, good luck to you, and have a good weekend.

Here’s a related cnet article, and an official 1234567890 Day website complete with a count-down! If you’re thinking about participating might I recommend counting up from one to nine until you overflow back to zero?