Do you have class from 2:00pm to 3:00pm? If you do, you should skip that class and watch this guy paint, exercise, and blend drinks and take phone calls all at the same time.

The artist’s devil-may-care attitude is instrumental in helping viewers conquer the primary stumbling block that prevents most people from expressing themselves on canvas, the fear of making mistakes. Kilduff’s got that one figured out: “Making mistakes is part of the fun! Ole!”

Seen above is an early episode where you might get the idea that this is a trashy public access show. It was, and then it was cancelled. John Kilduff has taken this show on to the Internet to keep it alive. What’s more, he does talks, concerts, touring the nation to get you excited about being healthy, active, and creative. For everyone that’s in to graphics, and not in to treadmills, this one’s going out to you. I also highly recommend the episodes where he plays chess in addition to painting, exercizing, taking phone calls, and cooking.