Cielab is a bunch of sizeable bubbles that you have to move around. It feels unfinished. The controls are weird to figure out, and it’s hard to make colors by only deriving colors from other swatches, and we aren’t sure how it decides what color to put down when you drag. Regardless, this exists, and it’s indeed very weird.


Hexday tracks what colors people are picking by day, week, and month. You can sign up and midlessly pick colors for no reason just because … I think this is the weirdest of all.


Kuler by Adobe I think is particularly weird just because it has a community attached to it. Gee, let’s make a color picker that needs the absolute newest version of Flash, and can potentially fail to load on occasion. Overkill if you ask me.

Photoshop Lab Sliders

Photoshop’s Lab sliders, if your previous foreground and background colors were set to something other than black and white, and if you use the current color gradient like I do, produces maybe one of the most delightful (albeit one of the strangest) color pickers around! Seen here, magenta to white before switching over gives you this bizarre visable spectrum archamedean spiral!