So there I was, in front of the antique shop next to Salsa’s. A couple of guys I recognize stop me to chat for a minute. The talking isn’t all that interesting, but then I catch a VW Beetle driving by with some metal strapped to the top. “What on earth is that? WAITAMINUTE! That’s a Street View Car!” I yell. The other two guys didn’t understand.

As of November, Google has redesigned Maps with a new interface, putting Street View in the spotlight. And it’s no surprise that there are more cities to cruise through. One of them I’ve been waiting for was Asheville. not because I get lost, but because I wanted to see my picture!

Wray View

Hey! That's me! Woooooooooooooooooo!

So, where were you immediately after midterms? Downtown? Go see if you can find yourself! And even if you can’t find yourself, take a look at Street With A View. Think about it, if you knew when a streetview car was coming, you could cash in on its arrival. Once all the streets are photographed, I think the opportunity is over.

Some people get crazy creative for their Street View debut