made by Wray in the summer of 2008

Welcome to the first post ever. I’m so glad you could make it. My name is Wray, and I said I was going to do it and I did. This is our lovely new blog. I’ve never had a blog before, nor do I understand the ins and outs of it, but there’s going to be activity here. I suggest you all get hip to a number of things.

First order of business, MMAC MEMBERS get web-savvy! Sign up for a wordpress account (not an actual blog) preferably of something we’ll recognize like… your name? Maybe? Then, as an MMAC member, we’ll hook you up to the authoring system. From there, if I know my web 2.0, everyone becomes a “writer” of sorts. The goal I think will be to have something new on the site at least ONCE A DAY.

Second order, MMAS MAJORS , should want to be more of readers than writers, ie those of you taking multimedia classes who saw a flyer from the future, but aren’t yet interested in being active. Or whatever… I highly suggest hooking up to the subscribe to the RSS feed with whatever techno-whiz gadget you’ve got. Firefox is good at doing it. So is Gmail. And Google Reader is even fancier.

Long story short, I wanted the multimedia club to embrace blogging. To share and to compete with others. Yaaaay blogs. 🙂 😮 🙂 😀 😮 🙂